Production History

Week-long Workshop & Staged Reading, Coastal Carolina University Department of Theatre

October 17-24, 2013

Director: Gary John LaRosa
Musical Director: Aaron McAllister
Featuring Monica Bell as Iris, Benson Case as Ethan, and CCU musical theatre and dramatic arts majors in the remaining nine roles.

Private Staged Reading, Pearl Studios, New York

March 19, 2010

Director: Gary John LaRosa
Musical Director: Aaron McAllister
Ethan: Ted Sutherland
Sam: Michael Halling
Eve: Cary Michelle Miller
Iris: Louisa Flaningam
Ruth: Karen Mason
Mason: David Jackson
Mary: Stacie Greenwell
Bridget: Sharone Halevy
Ensemble: Adinah Alexander, Jared Bradshaw, Ronald Brown, Taylor Buice, Amanda Conlon, Kate Feerick, Tyson Jennette, Illeana Kirven, Christy Morton


York Theatre Company
Staged Reading, New York

Lift was selected to participate in the York's Off-Broadway Developmental Reading Series on May 15, 2008.

Director: Susan Einhorn
Musical Director: Aaron McAllister
Ethan: Alex Scheitinger
Eve: Natalie Newman
Iris: Polly Pen
Ruth: Monica Bell
Mason: Richie McCall
Mary: LaVonda Elam
Bridget: Sharone Halevy
Ensemble: Taylor Buice, Amanda Conlon, Pam Jusino, Robert Montgomery, Jamaal Wilson

Sharone Halevy (as Bridget) and Alex Scheitinger
(as Ethan) rehearse "Invincible" at the York Theatre the
day of performance.