In a small Ohio town, 8-year old Ethan Hale falls through the ice and is miraculously saved.But no one sees the rescue. And no one steps forward as the hero. So when Ethan, who not long ago lost his dad in a freak accident, insists that it was a "birdman," his family struggle with hard questions about faith and their own capacity for hope as the town watches the mystery unravel.


A week-long workshop will be produced by Coastal Carolina University and directed by Gary John LaRosa beginning October 17 and culminating in a public staged reading on October 24.

LIFT is selected as a finalist (one of 36 from 400+ submitted) for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Ultimately, one of our other musicals, POPart, also a finalist, was selected to be performed in the festival.

We performed two closed industry readings on March 19, 2010 in NYC. The readings were directed by Gary John LaRosa and musical directed by Aaron. Read more